Venipak 3PL for e-commerce

Warehousing/packaging (fulfillment)

  • Automatic order transmission from your e-shop to Venipak 3PL warehouse management system Megolnventory;
  • Automatic generation of shipment stickers
  • Automatic return of tracking number to the buyer
  • Delivery to post terminals
  • Delivery to pick-up points
  • Fixed premises and personnel costs become flexible depending on your sales volumes and season
  • Do not bother any more about warehouse management, selection, packaging, and delivery
  • You can increase the amount of goods during the season, and decrease during the off-season, which may minimise your expenses.
  • The Venipak 3PL warehouse is near the Venipak consignment distribution terminal, therefore you can drop your consignment for distribution much later than it would usually be collected by a Venipak courier.
  • You do not have to arrange a pick-up time for your parcel  time with the courier or agree on its size, number of trays, and weight.
  • Venipak will take care of the number of employees needed during the season and off-season
  • Your property at the Venipak 3PL warehouse is insured
  • Venipak 3PL takes responsibility for proper packaging
  • You only pay for the actual operations carried out and the actual amount of goods in the warehouse
  • You can pay more attention to the development of your business
  • Orders from you e-shop are automatically passed to the Venipak 3PL system
  • Amount of goods in the warehouse is not limited
  • The  possibility to place daily orders later (delivery on the next working day)
  • No need to wait for the daily arrival of a courier
  • No need to bother about a work force
  • Responsibility in the hands of one partner
  • No more worrying about bad packaging or labelling
  • No need to create shipment stickers

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or via telephone: +370 616 72141