Export Shipping

  • We offer air freight from the Baltic states and major European airports to China and the USA, among others. The shipment of cargo over 100 kg takes about 8 days via the ECONOMY service and 2-5 days via EXPRESS;
  • We value your time, so we will collect local cargo and deliver it to the airport terminals ourselves;
  • If necessary, we can repack and prepare the cargo for transportation to ensure maximum protection;
  • Because of our close partnership with the airlines, we can prepare Air Waybill and export declaration for you.

Import Shipping

  • We offer air freight from China, the USA, and other countries directly to the Baltic states or via major European airports. The shipment of cargo over 100 kg takes about 7-10 days via the ECONOMY service and 2-5 days via EXPRESS;
  • We will make all import arrangements and coordinate fiscal import in Germany when VAT is paid in Lithuania, if necessary;
  • Thanks to our active and fast logistics operation in the Baltic states, we can take care of your cargo delivery and distribution in Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia;
  • We offer a service package for long-term storage, repacking, and delivery to the recipients.

Why to choose Venipak

These are the services that will save your time when choosing air freight via Venipak:

  • Air freight service between third parties;
  • Cross trade;
  • Transportation of dangerous goods, temperature-controlled, and oversized cargo;
  • Preparation of dangerous goods for shipping;
  • Certification of International Air Transport Association (IATA);
  • Customer support in our China and USA offices to quickly resolve any issues that may arise during shipment.

Contact us [email protected] or +370 649 03633

Direct round trip freighter flight between Hong Kong and Riga

  • Direct flight from Honk Kong to Riga;
  • Transit time to Baltics reduced to 2 business days;
  • No transit stops – low damage risk;
  • Regular weekly schedule – confidentiality plan your operations/production/sales;
  • Freighter aircraft – Dangerous (CAO), nonstandard dimensions and weight;
  • Fixed price during high season – Plan your budget, no surprises.


  • Height of main deck 210 cm;
  • Pick up in Guangdong province.
  • Customs clearance for Online sellers and online marketplaces/platforms who use the IOSS;

We respond in 5 minutes!

We prepare the door-to-door offer in 1 hour!

Contact us [email protected] or +370 649 03633

Shipping guidelines

International shipment via Venipak is easy!

Here are a few guidelines for international shipments:

  • Assess the content of the package – consider if customs duty or specific country restrictions apply to the product.
  • Select the delivery option – express or economy delivery depending on the delivery time and budget.
  • Collect the most relevant information – if the package travels to other than the EU country, make sure the value of the package and an EORI number are provided; also consider the customs duty and other additional fees you may have to pay.
  • Make sure to check whether all the required stickers and documents are in place before sending.
  • Let us help you – in case of any uncertainty do not hesitate to contact us by phone 8 700 55221 or by email [email protected]


The representatives of Venipak say that in the event of a hard Brexit, the United Kingdom will become a third country for EU member states and substantial changes will be will introduced in sending and receiving consignments.

“The procedure for sending postal consignments would be the same as for other non-EU countries. In the event of a no-deal Brexit, customs declarations will have to be completed for consignments and there will be additional charges and customs duties. As a result, the consignments will take longer to travel, because they will have to pass all controls,” says Venipak representatives.

When exporting goods and sending consignments, the following documents will be required and the following changes will be made:

  1. An EORI number will be required
  2. An invoice will have to be enclosed with the goods
  3. A customs brokerage agreement
  4. Additional customs duties

EORI is a unique number throughout the European Community assigned to economic operators and other companies and individuals by the customs authority in each member state. The EORI number is used to identify economic operators and other companies and individuals during customs clearance: import, export, transit customs procedures, applications for the issuance of permits provided in customs regulations, etc. EORI registration can be made prior to Britain’s exit from the EU or when the customs declaration or request to issue a decision by the customs authorities is submitted for the first time.

When importing goods and receiving consignments, the following documents will be required and the following changes will be made:

  1. An invoice will be required from the sender
  2. Customs brokers may require the recipient/customer to provide an additional document – a questionnaire
  3. Additional customs duties

These are the main changes that should enter into force in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Please contact our consultants regarding any issues related to this matter and they will deal with all of the most important queries regarding sending or receiving your goods to/from Great Britain.

Venipak is monitoring the situation closely and is ready to provide all of the necessary information and assistance to its clients so that the sending or receiving of consignments is not delayed and there are no misunderstandings in filling in the documents.