Freedom to imagine, courage to implement

With us you can achieve more. We promise you all tools you need for and many innovations along the way.

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We are looking for people who don't run out of ideas, for someone who thinks better some ideas not implemented than no ideas to implement at all.



We are looking for people who can experiment to construct something superior, to find solutions to challenges and never give up even if it's doesn't work even the first, second or even the third time.



We are looking for those who are not afraid to go to the field and test ideas as well as solutions even if they are not perfect at that stage yet. People are essential for us to serve client's needs.


Working with Venipak

The core of our organisation

We are the team

A team of more than 1000 motivated people makes our company work perfectly well. With this in mind, we offer an appropriate reward, motivational tools for achieving and surpassing results, and the opportunity to improve both professionally and personally. Our vision is motivated experts that create future customer service and parcel delivery trends.

We care

Our goal is to take complete care of V-team, from flexible working conditions, ensuring security to promoting healthy solutions and comprehensive growth. We celebrate significant and minor holidays and individual anniversaries to build interpersonal relationships that contribute to inner prosperity and comfort.

We grow & develop

We pay a lot of attention to employee training, personal growth, and professional development: initiate and encourage participation in various training, courses, and meetings. Investing in such different well-being aspects not only promotes team motivation but contributes to the company’s results as well.

Freedom to imagine, courage to implement

Dare to imagine global expansion with us – we’ll give you freedom, team and support to make it real.

Dare to imagine future delivery

We offer freedom to imagine and courage to implement; thus we always strive forward.

Bring ideas, implement with a team

We look for the people with ambitious ideas, we provide the rest.

Our happy employees

For me, Venipak is about innovation, initiative and a strong team. The international character of the company (peers in 5 countries!) stimulates creativity and reminds one to keep a broader perspective. We’re all equal at Venipak and we have common goals of creating value, saving people’s time and adapting to rapidly changing market conditions. Every small victory or improvement gives me a huge sense of pride.


Eglė Lydekaitytė

Marketing project manager

It’s a well-known secret that my colleagues are whispering that I’ve been working for the company my whole life. In fact, I can honestly say that I’ve spent and still am spending the most wonderful years of my life at Venipak. The company has become a sort of second home for me where everything can happen, both ups and downs, but where, despite everything, it’s always nice to come back. Why is that? It’s difficult to put this into words, you’d have to feel it. I could try to encapsulate that sensation in a few phrases: I’m heard, and my creativity is allowed to flower. This generates inner motivation to keep going and grow in step with the company.

The most incredible team of true professionals work at Venipak, who appear to somehow be able to make impossible things possible. It’s an indescribably good feeling to be among them.


Inga Krušinskienė

Head of Kaunas county logistics at Venipak

Why Venipak

Here is an opportunity to achieve more! We develop our people by providing an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth.

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