We deliver parcels next working day in all 3 Baltic States


We can deliver parcels at the convenient time in the evening, from 18:00 till 22:00


We can reach your customers in weekends, delivering on Saturdays


Highest delivery standards

Upscale your customer experience with Venipak delivery services – reaching your customers anywhere in the Baltics within 24 hours.

Unpack Venipak delivery benefits

your customers

Flexible delivery options

Next-day deliveries anywhere in the Baltic States, late evening and Saturday delivery options.

Time slot selection

Your customers can select the most convenient time of the day for them to receive the package.

Match delivery to operations

Non-standard size deliveries

When shipping heavy or non-standard size packages we can deliver using two employees who will carry the package to the designated place.

Custom delivery process

We can adapt to your business operations by providing lD check, cash collection on delivery and accompanying document delivery services.

Track and stay informed

Advance delivery notice

We inform your customers about the upcoming delivery so they would be ready to collect it.

Proof of delivery

We place proof of delivery on our system where you can conveniently filter it by location, package size, recipients and other parameters.

Scale your business with Venipak

Boost your business knowledge

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Time zones

We will deliver packages in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Alytus and Riga* within the selected time intervals:

8.00-14.00 14.00-17.00 18.00-22.00
8 9 10 11 12 13 14 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Delivery on Saturdays is also available.

*Evening and prior delivery service is not available in Riga.

Same-day delivery

Venipak same-day delivery – delivery of shipments up to 20 kg/0.06 mon the same business day in Vilnius and Kaunas.

Benefits for you:

  • Time selection:
    • Delivery before 17.00
    • Delivery before 22.00
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Competitive price

Prior notification of the delivery

The receiver is notified of the delivery by sms the evening before the delivery. In the morning, an sms with courier contact details is sent. The courier makes a call to the receiver before the delivery.

Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery (C.O.D.) means that the money is collected in cash or by card during the delivery.

  • Once a week all collected C.O.D. amounts will be credited to your specified bank account.
  • Reports on the C.O.D. amounts, numbers of packages and their receivers are available by longing in to REPORTS -> C.O.D. report.

The service is provided in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Return of the accompanying document

You can add an accompanying document (an invoice, deed of transfer) with your shipment and the courier will give it to the receiver to sign and will return it to you the next business day.

The service is provided in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Id check of the receiver

We may check the ID documents of the receiver at the time of delivery.

Four hands service

When shipping heavy or non-standard size packages (white household appliances, mattresses, furniture, etc.), we can deliver using two employees who will carry the package to the place designated by the customer.

Proof of delivery (P.O.D.)

P.O.D. is a document that confirms delivery to the receiver.

We offer an opportunity to see the delivery status, time of delivery, name, surname and signature of the receiver. Search is available by the number of invoice, deed of transfer or other numbers.

P.O.D. document viewing:

  1. Log-in at and enter the number of your package in the tracking box;
  2. The software will provide the route of the package;
  3. You can find a P.O.D. document by clicking the link in the P.O.D. section.

Shipment and C.O.D. reports

Data on all shipments are saved in the system, so you can track and analyze your product flows by city, receiver, weight or other parameters. Reports show the real-time price of Venipak services you have already used.

Reports on the C.O.D. amounts, numbers of packages and their receivers are available by longing in to REPORTS -> C.O.D. report.

Venipak expands the network of its parcel terminals

Parcel administration

The entire parcel administration process is a one-stop-shop service.

When directing your parcels to a parcel terminal with Venipak, Venipak ensures:

  • Easy registration of the parcels in the Venipak parcel system;
  • Collection of the parcels from your warehouse/shop together with the parcels for door-to-door delivery;
  • Sorting of the parcels at Venipak terminals in accordance with all quality standards;
  • Notification of the recipient via an SMS with a PIN for parcel collection when the parcel is delivered to the parcel terminal;
  • Removal of the parcel from the terminal and initiation of the parcel return procedure, if the parcel has not been collected.

Venipak quality

Delivery within 24 hours


Venipak parcel terminal –  7 w.d.
LP Express parcel terminal – 3 w.d.

Venipak parcel sizes for self-service parcel terminals

Length up to 61 cm 61 cm 61 cm 61 cm 61 cm 61 cm
Width up to 16,7 cm 16,7 cm 16,7 cm 39,5 cm 39,5 cm 39,5 cm
Height up to 9,5 cm 20 cm 41 cm 9,5 cm 20 cm 41 cm
Weight up to 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg

LP express parcel sizes for self-service parcel terminals

Length up to 61 cm 61 cm 61 cm 61 cm 61 cm
Width up to 19 cm 35 cm 35 cm 35 cm 35 cm
Height up to 8 cm 8 cm 18 cm 32 cm 75 cm
Weight up to 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg


Attractive and simple pricing

  • Single price for all sizes;
  • The parcel delivery price to the parcel terminal is the same as that to the pickup point;
  • Additional charge for COD services – EUR 0.95 + 0.5 % of the COD amount.

A deliberate process of service of a consignment

During the heat season, we have carefully ensured a flexible consignment delivery process.

If there is no space in the chosen volume, we will contact the consignee and agree on the location of the alternative delivery type:

Nearest parcel terminal

Pickup point

Mobile point

Simple integration

  1. The Pashtomes option is visible in a basket of e-commerce platforms in WooComerere, Prestshop and OpenCart, which have the latest version of the plug installed.
  2. As from 1 December, shop-commerce platform operators will be able to offer their customers volumes with the deployment of the Venipak delivery module.
  3. All e-shops that give their customers the possibility of delivery to the Venipak pickup Puckts may receive a list of postomers via Venipak Web Service;
  4. E-shops created by a unique e-commerce platform can obtain mail addresses through API integration;
  5. E-mail stores not using a Venipak mail system may deliver orders to mail via XML, giving the name, address and telephone number of the postomatto instead of the name and surname of the recipient and home address.

Matching your customers’ pace of life

Did you know that as many as 66% of buyers ask before purchasing online if an e-shop provides a returns option? Create your customer loyalty base by giving them a returns option – put an item return sticker inside the consignment package.

Return sticker

Choose a customer-convenient way of delivery on an item return sticker:

  • print an item return sticker and put it inside the consignment package
  • send an e-sticker to an email address indicated by the customer

Ways to return

Suggest a customer-convenient item method to return the package:

Call a courier
to your home

Leave your parcel at a
Venipak Drop-off point

Return the parcel to a
Venipak Pickup point!

For more detailed information, contact a Venipak sales manager.

The „Venipak” module for electronic shops

In order to simplify the process of integration of e-shops and to ensure flawless purchasing experience for our customers, Venipak has prepared delivery plugins for the most popular e-commerce platforms. The plugins are universal and tailored to all three Baltic countries where Venipak provides its delivery services.

Venipak’s delivery plugins ensure:

  • Simple integration with the Venipak consignment system;
  • Simple configuration and modification of settings;
  • Flexible choice of delivery price and maximum weight ranges;
  • Automatic recording of consignments and calling of the courier;
  • Printing of manifests and consignment stickers directly from the e-commerce platform control panel;
  • Adapting delivery services to your needs and the needs of your customers;
  • The intuitive choice of the delivery method in the basket;
  • The selection of the nearest pickup point or postal terminal by the buyer in the interactive map.

Download WooCommerce module here (documentation).

Download OpenCart module here (documentation).

Download Shopify module here (documentation, video demo).

If you have any further questions regarding WooCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, please contact the module developers by phone +370 600 87675 or by e-mail [email protected]

Mozello users are able to connect their online stores with Venipak delivery service, which allows customers to specify the exact parcel terminal to which they want to receive the shipment, and it allows the merchant to simplify the preparation and printing of delivery labels in the online store administrative environment. Read more

Download Magento module here
(documentation Magento 2.x, Megento 2.x COD)

Download Prestashop module here (documentation)

If you have any further questions regarding Magento, PrestaShop please contact the module developers by e-mail [email protected].