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Venipak strengths

The core of our organisation

From zero to where we are now

From the first van and launch in Lithuania Venipak went a long (but fast-tracked) way to being one of the leading delivery companies in the region with much bigger global ambition.


Breaking time standards

Venipak has a track record of implementing projects faster than it would normally take. From idea to implementation - teams have proven that everything can be done if one works hard and doesn't give up.


Not being afraid to fail

Failure is an option in Venipak cause it’s essential if one wants to introduce new things, brake status quo and do it under the time limit. Thus, failures in Venipak drives teams to learn and succeed.


Forward thinking

Venipak team always lives with thinking what could be done next. Tackling the baltic delivery, already thinking of the Global scope, concurring ground delivery, thinking of the sky.


Our Mission:

Accelerate global growth for local businesses.

Our Vision:

Become globally recognised commerce and delivery platform.

We have been in the market for two decades, so we have an excellent knowledge of the culture of shipments and know what it takes to complete processes perfectly. We operate a wide network of contactless parcel lockers and are at the forefront of providing a unique fulfillment service. Our packages reach the recipients within 1-2 working days in the Baltics.


The work in parcel services nowadays requires more than just basic knowledge from each employee – IT, analytics, and management knowledge are also necessary. No less than hard skills do we value emotional intelligence, communication, time planning, critical assessment, and understanding when to take the extra mile on behalf of a client.


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