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    Venipak pickup points for your convenience

    Life is not intended to wait for your consignments. Venipak pickup points are conveniently located in the shops and services centres. All you need is a few moments to stop and drop off or pickup your consignment on your way to work or home. Pickup points also work in the evenings and at weekends so no more panicking.

    Advantages of Venipak pickup points:

    • Locations selected for your convenience;
    • Redirection of consignments to the nearest pick up point, if you are not available at the time of delivery;
    • Selection of a pickup point for delivery once you have been notified by SMS about the Venipak delivery;
    • Pickup points accept prepaid consignments.
    • Consignments are kept for 5 days in Venipak Pick up points.

    Collection of consignments

    Collection of consignments from a Pickup point is quick and easy. You will be notified via SMS once your consignment is delivered to the pickup point. The SMS message will contain the following information:

    • Consignment number;
    • Consignment collection code;
    • Name of the pickup point;
    • Address of the pickup point;
    • Working time of the pickup point on the next business day.

    At collection of your consignment, the operator of the Venipak pickup point will ask you to provide the 6-dogit collection code. The operator will verify the code and will hand over the consignment to you.

    Dropping off consignments

    In order dispatch a consignment the following steps must be completed:

    1. The consignment must be registered with the or website
    2. The consignment must be packed, the Venipak sticker attached to it, and it must delivered to a Venipak pickup point.
    3. Once the operator of the pickup point collects your consignment, you will get a confirmation via SMS.

    * Maximum weight of the consignment 10 kg.
    * Maximum packaging volume not more than 0.04 m³